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Special Topic: Homemade Tactics

A lot of times while playing Modern Warfare 2 online, I find myself torn between certain choices in Perks, Deathstreaks, etc. Luckily, while playing this I have devised a few ways in which I can implement a few of the well-known Perks and Deathstreaks into my strategy, without actually having them equipped. I have named these, The Homemade Tactics. These are tactics that most any player can execute with ease, and they may even help you in the decision-making process when creating your custom class.

The 4 Homemade Tactics that I currently use are as follows, and the list is still growing:

Homemade Scavenger: A commonly chosen Blue Perk, to use the homemade version of this perk, all the user needs to do is kill an enemy who is using the same class of weapon as you (i.e Using a Mini-Uzi, kill an enemy who has a P90 or other Sub Machine Gun equipped). After killing them, running over their corpse quickly enough will give you extra ammo for your main weapon. Not as good as the original but some may find this useful.

Homemade Sleight of Hand: My soon to be favorite Blue Perk, this speeds up the reload time for the user’s weapon. To add a homemade little twist, start reloading a weapon and hit the Aim Down Sight button. This only works for certain weapons though. An alternate option for Light Machine Gun users is using the One Man Army Pro Perk to switch into the same class since some LMG’s take longer than 3 seconds to reload.

Homemade Martyrdom: Probably my most frequented Homemade Tactic, simply ready or “cook” either a Frag or Semtex grenade (or Claymore in some rare cases) when entering a room full of enemy personnel or in cases in which you are sure you will lose a fight. Upon death your character will drop the grenade, just as he would if the Martyrdom Deathstreak we’re active.

Homemade Overkill: This is definitely the simplest HMT to perform and is a classic Perk from MW1. While n the heat of battle or in between battles, simply pick up a fallen enemy or comrade’s weapon and swap it out for the weapon you are currently holding. This is perfect for when your run out of bullets or if you are unsatisfied with you secondary weapon.


Hello faithful readers today I decided that I would blog about another Killstreak Reward, seeing as how the only other Killstreak blog I’ve written was about the EMP. The Killstreak reward that I have chosen to write about today is the commonly chosen Care Package. The Care Package requires 4 consecutive kills (3 with Hardline) on the user’s part in order to be activated. This Killstreak is commonly chosen by players most likely because it gives them the chance to have a really powerful Killstreak Reward, without having to do a lot of work. One of the most commonly asked questions about the Care Package is the probability of obtaining each Killstreak, and I have the numbers listed below.

  • 14.78% – UAV
  • 14.78% – Ammo
  • 13.04% – Counter-UAV
  • 10.43% – Sentry Gun
  • 10.43% – Predator Missile
  • 9.57% – Precision Airstrike
  • 6.09% – Harrier Airstrike
  • 6.09% – Attack Helicopter
  • 4.35% – Pave Low
  • 4.35% – Stealth Bomber
  • 2.61% – Chopper Gunner
  • 2.61% – AC-130
  • 0.87% – EMP
  • 0% – Tactical Nuke
  • 0% – Care Package
  • 0% – Emergency Airdrop

As you can see, the higher the Killstreak Reward, the lower the chances of actually getting said Reward. However, the sum of the percentages of all the 5+ Killstreaks (Sentry Gun and above) totals to about 57% which surpasses the sum of the other 3 Care Package possibilities.

A common misunderstanding about the Care Packages is that the Reward inside of the Package adds to the Killstreak that the player already has going (with the exception of Pave Lows). For example, if a player gets a 4 Killstreak, calls in a Care Package, and gets an Attack Helicopter, if the Attack Helicopter manages to kill a bunch of enemies, the players “Killstreak Count” will still remain at 4, even though their overall ratio will reflect the helicopter’s kills.

Now check this vid of the Care Package in action, as well as a little EMP lovin’ as a bonus!

I know it’s been a while since my last Great Debate blog and apologize for that. Therefore today I decided to get back into the swings of things because I really enjoy my debate posts. For today I decided to have the Semtex Grenade face off against the classic Frag Grenade. In the first Modern Warfare, the only forms of grenade available to players were the Frag Grenade and my arch nemesis, the Noob Tube. However, in MW2 Infinity Ward has introduced the Semtex grenade, which I really do like.

The Frag Grenade as many of you may know has the ability to be “cooked” which many players find advantageous in the heat of battle. Because of this ability, Frags can be hurled into a crowded room and explode almost instantaneously as opposed to Semtex grenade which has a timed fuse and doesn’t activate until the user releases it. This can be useful because once drawn, players have the option of putting the grenade away, while Frags have to eventually be thrown once drawn. In addition to infinite holding, Semtex grenades have the ability to stick to whatever surfaces they touch. The stickable surfaces include both enemy and friendly personnel. This is perfect for times where a frag grenade would normally roll or bounce back, not that this can’t also be a useful tool.

To close, Frags can be thrown back at the user if not properly cooked. Also, even though they are electronic, Semtex Grenades are not effected by the EMP Deathstreak, but the throwing kinfe strangely is. When choosing a Frag or Semtex Grenade it pretty much depends on the user’s preference. Personally I prefer the Semtex, but I plan on trying to work the Frag Grenade into a few of my classes.

Electro-Magnetic Pulse

It’s very well known that Modern Warfare is infamous for the massive amount of Killstreak rewards that are available to players. One of the most underrated Killstreaks is definitely the Electro-Magnetic Pulse a.k.a, the EMP. Once activated, the EMP disables all enemy electronics, rendering them useless for the duration of 60 seconds. I have to admit, at first this does not seem like that impressive of a killstreak reward, but when used properly and in the right situations, the EMP can prove devastating for the opposing team.

The EMP has the ability to disable everything that a player has on their screen like their HUD and ammo count. In addtion, the EMP temporarily destroys Red Dot and Holographic sights, ACOG and Themal Scopes, and my personal favorite, the evil that is the Heartbeat Sensor. Also, EMPs can disable enemy equipment such as Claymores and C4s, and for some reason the Throwing Knife. However, the Semtex, though electronic remains unaffected.

Probably the best thing about the EMP is that it destroys any of the airborne enemy killstreak rewards and restricts the opposing team from activating anymore. Probably the worst thing about the EMP is the fact it takes 15 consecutive kills to obtain (14 with Hardline), because of this, it is a very seldom seen Killstreak reward.

Silence is Golden

In the world of Modern Warfare 2, there are some simple things that are often overlooked by the average. In this case I am referring to the weapon attachment that is the silencer, also known as the suppresor. Many people are aware of this attachment’s ability, but I feel that not everyone is aware of the awesomeness that can occur when using it.

For those that don’t know, the silencer is capable of the following:

  • Reducing the amount of muzzle flash that is emitted from a fired weapon.
  • Keeping player’s from appearing as a red dot on enemy mini maps when a weapon is fired.
  • Reducing the damage output and range on certain weapons (Shotguns and Snipers are most effected by this)

If used to the full extent of its prowess, the silencer can be used to provide the user with total stealth-like combat, thus making it very difficult for enemy’s to find you. I must admit though, one thing that I do not understand about the Silencer is why Infinity Ward would allow players to put a Silencer on a Shotgun? I mean on paper this may sound like a good idea, but in reality, this just seems kind of stupid to me. However, I guess this explains why many people don’t use this combo; that and they are too busy using akimbo weapons.

And Big Ups to Manny Gonzalez for lovin’ the silencer and introducing me to its greatness!