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I know it’s been a while since my last Great Debate blog and apologize for that. Therefore today I decided to get back into the swings of things because I really enjoy my debate posts. For today I decided to have the Semtex Grenade face off against the classic Frag Grenade. In the first Modern Warfare, the only forms of grenade available to players were the Frag Grenade and my arch nemesis, the Noob Tube. However, in MW2 Infinity Ward has introduced the Semtex grenade, which I really do like.

The Frag Grenade as many of you may know has the ability to be “cooked” which many players find advantageous in the heat of battle. Because of this ability, Frags can be hurled into a crowded room and explode almost instantaneously as opposed to Semtex grenade which has a timed fuse and doesn’t activate until the user releases it. This can be useful because once drawn, players have the option of putting the grenade away, while Frags have to eventually be thrown once drawn. In addition to infinite holding, Semtex grenades have the ability to stick to whatever surfaces they touch. The stickable surfaces include both enemy and friendly personnel. This is perfect for times where a frag grenade would normally roll or bounce back, not that this can’t also be a useful tool.

To close, Frags can be thrown back at the user if not properly cooked. Also, even though they are electronic, Semtex Grenades are not effected by the EMP Deathstreak, but the throwing kinfe strangely is. When choosing a Frag or Semtex Grenade it pretty much depends on the user’s preference. Personally I prefer the Semtex, but I plan on trying to work the Frag Grenade into a few of my classes.


Silence is Golden

In the world of Modern Warfare 2, there are some simple things that are often overlooked by the average. In this case I am referring to the weapon attachment that is the silencer, also known as the suppresor. Many people are aware of this attachment’s ability, but I feel that not everyone is aware of the awesomeness that can occur when using it.

For those that don’t know, the silencer is capable of the following:

  • Reducing the amount of muzzle flash that is emitted from a fired weapon.
  • Keeping player’s from appearing as a red dot on enemy mini maps when a weapon is fired.
  • Reducing the damage output and range on certain weapons (Shotguns and Snipers are most effected by this)

If used to the full extent of its prowess, the silencer can be used to provide the user with total stealth-like combat, thus making it very difficult for enemy’s to find you. I must admit though, one thing that I do not understand about the Silencer is why Infinity Ward would allow players to put a Silencer on a Shotgun? I mean on paper this may sound like a good idea, but in reality, this just seems kind of stupid to me. However, I guess this explains why many people don’t use this combo; that and they are too busy using akimbo weapons.

And Big Ups to Manny Gonzalez for lovin’ the silencer and introducing me to its greatness!

Full Metal Joke: FMJ

One of the coolest new features about Modern Warfare 2 is the wide variety of weapon attachments that are available to players. One of the newer weapon attachments to the series is the Full Metal Jacket, or FMJ for short, which is similar to the Deep Impact perk from the previous Modern Warfare. FMJ is probably the most often chosen weapon attachment, because like Stopping Power, many players believe that FMJ does more than it actually can. In reality, FMJ is only able to reduce the amount of damage lost per bullet when a player is shooting through some kind of material. These materials include but are not limited to walls, windows, grated floors, and even an enemy’s teammate. Let it be known that FMJ has no effect on the bullet damage done to an enemy who is out in the open. When fired, FMJ bullets usually appear with a glowing bright red tint around them, which actually looks pretty legit and is one of the better features about this attachment.

One thing that is somewhat of a nuisance about this attachment is that in order to gain the Extended Mags attachment for most of the weapons, players must get 40 bullet penetration kills, which for most players is a bit of a stretch. Overall, in my opinion FMJ is next to useless on the weapon attachment pyramid. I would only recommend using this attachment if you had no other options available or if you wanted to score the Extended Mags attachment. To close, I have killed and been killed through several different objects while playing multiplayer and in both cases the FMJ attachment was not equipped. By this I mean, the amount of penetration a bullet can have is still pretty large without FMJ, so put your weapon attachment options to better use and try not to, if at all use FMJ.

Below is a video giving a few tips on how to get 40 FMJ kills pretty fast.

Special Grenades: Stun Grenades

For a while, the only type of Special Grenades that  would use while playing Modern Warfare 2 was the Smoke grenades. However, recently I have discovered a new type of special grenade: the Stun Grenade.

The Stun grenade can be effectively used on a defended location or around a corner. It is typically used in close quarters combat to kill dazed enemies easily. Affected targets move and turn considerably slower than normal, so if a player throws a grenade immediately afterward it is almost impossible to escape. There is an initial flash but vision is quickly returned. This grenade will affect the player throwing it, but not his teammates (unless friendly fire is turned on). The effect radius is smaller than the Flash grenade but makes all targets in the radius extremely vulnerable. Players with 3 may throw them all at the single location, allowing them to travel a moderate distance before the stun effects wear off. This grenade actually possesses elements of a flash, frag and smoke grenade together; the grenade creates a small flash, does a little damage, and creates a negligible amount of smoke (although the flash grenade does so too). The slowing effect is its own unique property. Out of all the thrown objects in the game, the stun grenade is the fastest thrown object next to the the Throwing Knife.

An Unsung Hero: RPG-7

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted anything, so I figured I would return on a good note, and blog about something in Modern Warfare that has a special place in my heart, the RPG-7 rocket launcher. Now before I start, I must admit that in Modern Warfare 1 I hated any and all RPG users with a mighty passion unless it was being used to take down a chopper. However, in MW2 I have to the RPG has been severely down graded and is now a very manly weapon. The RPG is the last launcher to be unlocked and is unlocked at level 65.

Despite the fact that the RPG is near useless against all airborne killstreaks, the RPG is one of the best secondary weapons to use against enemies in the field and can be applied effectively in a variety of situations. When combined with the Danger Close Perk,  the RPG can be used to clear out rooms, that enemy teams love to occupy frequently. If Danger Close is equipped with this weapon, you will most like kill an enemy 9 out of the 10 times you use it.

The RPG-7 does have a few drawbacks though. Because the splash radius is so large, you may run the risk of damaging or even killing yourself while trying to attack the enemy. Second, the RPG is a rather heavy weapon, so carrying it while trying to sprint is not a very good idea. Lastly, the accuracy on the RPG can only be described as TERRIBLE. When trying to fire an RPG from a distance, the rocket will exit the holder and usually flies in some freaky random upward or downward trajectory. Even with all these cons, the RPG is still a rather well-rounded and exceptional weapon.

Below is a montage showing the awesomeness that is the RPG.