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Special Topic: Homemade Tactics

A lot of times while playing Modern Warfare 2 online, I find myself torn between certain choices in Perks, Deathstreaks, etc. Luckily, while playing this I have devised a few ways in which I can implement a few of the well-known Perks and Deathstreaks into my strategy, without actually having them equipped. I have named these, The Homemade Tactics. These are tactics that most any player can execute with ease, and they may even help you in the decision-making process when creating your custom class.

The 4 Homemade Tactics that I currently use are as follows, and the list is still growing:

Homemade Scavenger: A commonly chosen Blue Perk, to use the homemade version of this perk, all the user needs to do is kill an enemy who is using the same class of weapon as you (i.e Using a Mini-Uzi, kill an enemy who has a P90 or other Sub Machine Gun equipped). After killing them, running over their corpse quickly enough will give you extra ammo for your main weapon. Not as good as the original but some may find this useful.

Homemade Sleight of Hand: My soon to be favorite Blue Perk, this speeds up the reload time for the user’s weapon. To add a homemade little twist, start reloading a weapon and hit the Aim Down Sight button. This only works for certain weapons though. An alternate option for Light Machine Gun users is using the One Man Army Pro Perk to switch into the same class since some LMG’s take longer than 3 seconds to reload.

Homemade Martyrdom: Probably my most frequented Homemade Tactic, simply ready or “cook” either a Frag or Semtex grenade (or Claymore in some rare cases) when entering a room full of enemy personnel or in cases in which you are sure you will lose a fight. Upon death your character will drop the grenade, just as he would if the Martyrdom Deathstreak we’re active.

Homemade Overkill: This is definitely the simplest HMT to perform and is a classic Perk from MW1. While n the heat of battle or in between battles, simply pick up a fallen enemy or comrade’s weapon and swap it out for the weapon you are currently holding. This is perfect for when your run out of bullets or if you are unsatisfied with you secondary weapon.


Knifing: WTF?!?!

Some of you may be aware of the posts that I have written in the past that pertain to the knifing/running class, however this post is a special kind of gripe about one of the most ambiguous tactics in Modern Warfare 2: Knifing.  As many of you know, in MW2 when it comes to close quarters combat, a lot of the time knifing the enemy is your best bet. Lately though I have found that landing a solid knife is totally unpredictable and inconsistent. From my personal experience there have been many times where I am almost making out with my target and I go to knife him, and I completely miss only to then be turned into the victim. Oh, and this has even happened while I was using the Commando Perk, which is another blog for another day.

In addition to this, there have been times when I attempt to knife an opponent who is rushing me head-on, and somehow, even though I clearly see my character in his knifing animation, he somehow has knifed me into submission. To make matters worse, when I watch the killcam, my character appears to have not even tried to knife at all. This perhaps is the result of a poor internet connection though.

And lastly can someone please explain to me why a throwing knife or lunging knife is a one hit kill every time even against players with Painkiller equipped, while an RPG to an enemy’s chest with Danger Close equipped isn’t enough to cripple a man? In short, Infinity Ward should consider fixing the knifing system even if only slightly, the time in between knives is way too much of a hassle, and even though the tactical knife helps that, I still find knifing to be somewhat of a nuisance at times.

Oh and apparently “knifing” isn’t an actual word. O_0

The Call of Duty series is very well-known for giving players the opportunity to have a variety of weapons, classes, grenades, perks and the like at one’s disposal. Up until Modern Warfare 2 however, players could only select between 3 of their current 7 types of equipment (Frags, C4, and Claymore). In this installment, players have the option to choose between Semtex grenades, the Blast Shield, the Throwing Knife, and lastly the Tactical Insertion. In my opinion, out of the 7 types of equipment, the T.I is the least offensive as well as defensive type of equipment. This does not necessarily mean that the Tactical Insertion in totally useless.

When placed, the Tactical Insertion appears in the form of a flare and allows the user to choose where they would like to respawn after they die. The player has the option to place the T.I literally anywhere they choose on the entire map for as many times as they die or if they are using Scavenger or One Man Army. Because T.I’s have this ability, the are often used in objective based game types like Headquarters and Sabotage. With a T.I the chances of being respawned on the tail-end of a map like Derail (which can be REALLY frustrating), is pretty much obsolete.

Most players do not use the Tactical Insertion because it does not possess the killing properties of options like Semtex and C4 and it doesn’t possess the strengthening properties of the Blast Shield. This small error can be remedied however if the player chooses to use the T.I on a class that has the One Man Army Perk equipped to it. With this setup players can drop the T.I in their preferred location and then One Man Army into a class that comes with more firepower.

The Tactical Insertion does have its own unique drawbacks however. For one, the T.I takes about 3 seconds to set and drop, and the user is vulnerable to attack while doing so. Also, the T.I appears as a bright red flare to enemies which means they will either A: Destroy the T.I, or B: Wait for the user to respond and kill them. In order to prevent the latter, I suggest having the Painkiller Deathstreak ( https://blogofduty.wordpress.com/2010/02/27/the-afterlife-deathstreaks/ ) equipped and/or Commando.

Overall, the Tactical Insertion can prove rather useful if used to spawn kill or overwhelm the enemy team. In cases like this T.I is King! To close, there is a really harmless glitch with the Tactical Insertion that can be see below.