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Special Topic: Homemade Tactics

A lot of times while playing Modern Warfare 2 online, I find myself torn between certain choices in Perks, Deathstreaks, etc. Luckily, while playing this I have devised a few ways in which I can implement a few of the well-known Perks and Deathstreaks into my strategy, without actually having them equipped. I have named these, The Homemade Tactics. These are tactics that most any player can execute with ease, and they may even help you in the decision-making process when creating your custom class.

The 4 Homemade Tactics that I currently use are as follows, and the list is still growing:

Homemade Scavenger: A commonly chosen Blue Perk, to use the homemade version of this perk, all the user needs to do is kill an enemy who is using the same class of weapon as you (i.e Using a Mini-Uzi, kill an enemy who has a P90 or other Sub Machine Gun equipped). After killing them, running over their corpse quickly enough will give you extra ammo for your main weapon. Not as good as the original but some may find this useful.

Homemade Sleight of Hand: My soon to be favorite Blue Perk, this speeds up the reload time for the user’s weapon. To add a homemade little twist, start reloading a weapon and hit the Aim Down Sight button. This only works for certain weapons though. An alternate option for Light Machine Gun users is using the One Man Army Pro Perk to switch into the same class since some LMG’s take longer than 3 seconds to reload.

Homemade Martyrdom: Probably my most frequented Homemade Tactic, simply ready or “cook” either a Frag or Semtex grenade (or Claymore in some rare cases) when entering a room full of enemy personnel or in cases in which you are sure you will lose a fight. Upon death your character will drop the grenade, just as he would if the Martyrdom Deathstreak we’re active.

Homemade Overkill: This is definitely the simplest HMT to perform and is a classic Perk from MW1. While n the heat of battle or in between battles, simply pick up a fallen enemy or comrade’s weapon and swap it out for the weapon you are currently holding. This is perfect for when your run out of bullets or if you are unsatisfied with you secondary weapon.


Special Grenades: Flashbangs

To round-up my trio of Special Grenades blogs is the Flash Grenade, also known as the flashbang. Out of each of the Special Grenades, I would definitely say that the flashbang is my least favorite. For starters, when compared to Stun Grenades, flashbangs take about a year to  throw and once thrown, they do not even give a hit indicator when they hit an enemy. This I find to be a huge problem. In addition to this, out of all 3 of the Special Grenades featured in the game, flashbang are without a doubt the most likely to cause harm to the user as well as the target. There have been countless numbers of times when I have tossed a flashbang and the only person to be killed is me.

On a more positive note, whenever a flashbang is properly thrown and effects a large group of enemy’s the amount of kills that an individual can get is phenomenal. Personally, I am not sure whether or not using a flashbang is worth the risk simply because of what was stated above. What it comes down to  when using smoke, stun, or flash grenades is pretty much what the user’s personal preference is.


For those of you not aware, there has been a recent outbreak of what has been called “Mapathy” in the Modern Warfare 2 community. I personally have felt the sting of this disease considering I have turned on maps that I once loved, these maps being Terminal, Rundown, and even Derail. I must mention that my hate for Afghan is still alive and kicking.

Luckily, Infinity Ward has discovered a cure for this illness in their most recent form of down-loadable content: The Stimulus Package. The package is set to be released on March 3oth 2010 at the stroke of midnight for $15. This is EXCELLENT news for 360 owners seeing as how we get the package 30 days before PS3 users.

There were rumors that the package would include new perks, spec op missions, challenges, call-signs, and weapons, but these rumors are not true. However, the package will include 3 new maps that all seem pretty legit. The new maps are as follows: Bailout, a map that appears to take place in a residential style area. Storm, another rain themed map that looks like a cross between Underpass and Modern Warfare 1 classic, Overgrown. The final new map is Salvage, a snow thing map that looks like MW1’s Shipment during Winter, sadly. Hopefully the 3 new maps don’t disappoint.

If they do, players will be pleased to find that 2 classic maps are returning. Modern Warfare 1 maps Overgrown and Crash will be playable with the package. I love Overgrown, and even though I’m not too crazy about Crash, I’m just thankful that the World’s Most God-Awful Map, Wetwork is no where this game. HATE YOU WETWORK!

Oh, and here’s the trailer for the new Stimulus Package if you haven’t seen it yet.

Special Grenades: Stun Grenades

For a while, the only type of Special Grenades that  would use while playing Modern Warfare 2 was the Smoke grenades. However, recently I have discovered a new type of special grenade: the Stun Grenade.

The Stun grenade can be effectively used on a defended location or around a corner. It is typically used in close quarters combat to kill dazed enemies easily. Affected targets move and turn considerably slower than normal, so if a player throws a grenade immediately afterward it is almost impossible to escape. There is an initial flash but vision is quickly returned. This grenade will affect the player throwing it, but not his teammates (unless friendly fire is turned on). The effect radius is smaller than the Flash grenade but makes all targets in the radius extremely vulnerable. Players with 3 may throw them all at the single location, allowing them to travel a moderate distance before the stun effects wear off. This grenade actually possesses elements of a flash, frag and smoke grenade together; the grenade creates a small flash, does a little damage, and creates a negligible amount of smoke (although the flash grenade does so too). The slowing effect is its own unique property. Out of all the thrown objects in the game, the stun grenade is the fastest thrown object next to the the Throwing Knife.

Special Ops: Beast of the Dogs

If you ask anyone who’s ever played Call of Duty: World at War, they will probably tell you that the most annoying killstreak reward in the series, was the 7 killstreak reward of the dogs. When I found out that out of the 15 killstreak rewards in Modern Warfare 2, none were dogs, I was elated. However, this elation soon disappeared when I played the Special Ops mission that is littered with these mangy muts. The name of the mission is O Cristo Redentor and it takes place on a map that is very similar to the online map Favela. The object of the mission is to eliminate all of the opposing militia while harming few to no civilians. Now, this may seem like a simple task, but when set to the hardest difficulty, it is not. For one the enemy militia, is pretty skilled in combat. In addition to this, you have to try to shoot as few civilians as possible. As if all of this was not hard enough, Infinity Ward decides to add ravenous dogs into the mix. For some reason a shotgun  blast to the face is not always enough to stop these vile creatures. Also, the dogs have an attack that pins the victim down, and gives players about 1/2 a second to retaliate properly; if one doesn’t succeed, then they are converted into dog food. This mission is somewhat easier when playing co-op, but barely. Overall, I severely dislike the dogs, and wish nothing but bad things upon them! Oh yeah, shout out to my homie BRANDON HUMDOG for helpin me defeat these filthty creatures!

Below is a run through, of the above mentioned game type. Pay special attention to man’s best friend.