In all honesty I cannot believe that I have not written about this addition of the game sooner;  better late than never I guess. The Riot Shield is a new addition to the Modern Warfare  series, and one that i feel should have been left out. Not only does the Riot Shield take up the spot of one of the default classes, it also had many other terrible qualities.

The Riot Shield, for some unknown reason is impenetrable by bullets from any gun including sniper rifles as well as shotgun blasts. Oh, and the Shield is also able to withstand a full-blown RPG blast to the face even if the shooter has Danger Close equipped. In addition to this, Riot shields are supposed to be beatable by Claymores and C4’s, but I have seen this theory disproven many times. As far as I know, the only sure-fire way to stop a Riot shield is to stick the shield with a Semtex Grenade. However, if the user has the Blast Shield as his equipment choice or if he manages to swap the shield out quickly for a fallen weapon, he will remain unharmed. Lastly, Riot Shielders are supposedly vulnerable near the feet but crouching remedies this drawback.

To close, even though Riot Shields require 2 hits to cripple an enemy, and cause the user’s speed to decrease neither of these are a big enough downfall for this filthy choice of a weapon.