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Secondary Weapons: Handguns

One of the most unique features about Modern Warfare 2 is the variety of choices that are available to each player.  Included in these choices is the secondary weapons selection. In MW2 players have the option of choosing Machine Pistols, Shotguns, Launchers, the One Man Army Perk, and last but not least, the Hanguns. Now I must admit, up until a little while ago I was sure that the Hanguns were the most useless option. However, if used properly the common Handgun can prove rather useful.

The Handguns offered to players are the USP .45, .44 Magnum, M9, and the Desert Eagle; all of which can be FMJ’ed, Akimbo’ed, and Tac Knifed (the Silencer and Extended Mags are exclusive to the USP and M9). Surprisingly, the Handguns are one of the rare weapons that can actually benefit greatly from the Stopping Power Perk. If this isn’t reason enough to use the Hanguns, they each come with an ability that is unique only to them. In term of swapping from Primary to Secondary weapons, the Handguns are able to perform this maneuver the fastest. This can often prove detrimental in the heat of battle once a primary weapon’s magazine is empty. In addition to this, the attachments that are probably the most useful on Hanguns in my opinion are the Tactical Knife, and dare I say it… Akimbo.

Below is a montage of my favorite Handgun, the USP. 45:


Knifing: WTF?!?!

Some of you may be aware of the posts that I have written in the past that pertain to the knifing/running class, however this post is a special kind of gripe about one of the most ambiguous tactics in Modern Warfare 2: Knifing.  As many of you know, in MW2 when it comes to close quarters combat, a lot of the time knifing the enemy is your best bet. Lately though I have found that landing a solid knife is totally unpredictable and inconsistent. From my personal experience there have been many times where I am almost making out with my target and I go to knife him, and I completely miss only to then be turned into the victim. Oh, and this has even happened while I was using the Commando Perk, which is another blog for another day.

In addition to this, there have been times when I attempt to knife an opponent who is rushing me head-on, and somehow, even though I clearly see my character in his knifing animation, he somehow has knifed me into submission. To make matters worse, when I watch the killcam, my character appears to have not even tried to knife at all. This perhaps is the result of a poor internet connection though.

And lastly can someone please explain to me why a throwing knife or lunging knife is a one hit kill every time even against players with Painkiller equipped, while an RPG to an enemy’s chest with Danger Close equipped isn’t enough to cripple a man? In short, Infinity Ward should consider fixing the knifing system even if only slightly, the time in between knives is way too much of a hassle, and even though the tactical knife helps that, I still find knifing to be somewhat of a nuisance at times.

Oh and apparently “knifing” isn’t an actual word. O_0