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Red is Dead: Part 2

I know my last Tier 2 Perk blog was a written a while back, but I’ve been very busy lately and I havent had a chance to write the conclusion. However today I am wrapping up this two-part blog by writing¬† about two perks that are near and dear to my heart, Hardline and Danger Close.

Hardline– Hardline is one of the newest perks to be introduced to the Modern Warfare series. Once chosen, this perk allows the user to obtain killstreak rewards with one less kill. For example, a UAV would only require two consecutive kills while an EMP would require fourteen consecutive kills. Hardline’s usefulness is often debated in that when used offers a 33% decrease in kills to obtain certain Rewards like the UAV, while other Rewards like the Nuke only receive a 4% decrease. Personally I feel that Hardline is best used in 2 situations: The first being classes who’s Killstreaks Rewards are between three and seven consecutive kills, this way, rewards like UAV, Counter-UAV, and Care Packages will almost always be active and available to a team. The second way is to have a class equipped with One Man Army and a Perk like Danger close or Stopping Power, once you get say 7 kills in a row, One Man Army into a class with Hardline and your next kill will grant you a Pave Low or Stealth Bomber.

Danger Close– This probably my absolute favorite Perk in all of Modern Warfare. Aside from having a cool name, Danger Close increases explosive weapon damage by 40%. The Perk is unlocked at level 33 and is the last Tier 2 Perk to be unlocked, and for good reason. Even though it may not seem like much the 40% damage boost is applied to all Launchers, Grenades, The Noob Tube, C4, and Claymores. If a player has a class that is built with a combination of these items and the Scavenger or One Man Army Perks, and the Martyrdom Deathstreak, they immediately become a force to be reckoned with. In addition to this, the Pro version of Danger Close increases Killstreak reward damage by 40% making it even more lethal especially when switched (One Man Army ftw) between a class that has Hardline equipped. My favorite strategy is using a Claymore or C4 in conjunction with One Man Army and switching into my “Danger Close” class, thus increasing my placed equipment’s damage and giving myself a hefty loud-out of offensive explosives. All in all, I LOVE THIS PERK!

Please enjoy the Danger Close awesome and the Hardline “glitch” videos I posted below!


Electro-Magnetic Pulse

It’s very well known that Modern Warfare is infamous for the massive amount of Killstreak rewards that are available to players. One of the most underrated Killstreaks is definitely the Electro-Magnetic Pulse a.k.a, the EMP. Once activated, the EMP disables all enemy electronics, rendering them useless for the duration of 60 seconds. I have to admit, at first this does not seem like that impressive of a killstreak reward, but when used properly and in the right situations, the EMP can prove devastating for the opposing team.

The EMP has the ability to disable everything that a player has on their screen like their HUD and ammo count. In addtion, the EMP temporarily destroys Red Dot and Holographic sights, ACOG and Themal Scopes, and my personal favorite, the evil that is the Heartbeat Sensor. Also, EMPs can disable enemy equipment such as Claymores and C4s, and for some reason the Throwing Knife. However, the Semtex, though electronic remains unaffected.

Probably the best thing about the EMP is that it destroys any of the airborne enemy killstreak rewards and restricts the opposing team from activating anymore. Probably the worst thing about the EMP is the fact it takes 15 consecutive kills to obtain (14 with Hardline), because of this, it is a very seldom seen Killstreak reward.