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Secondary Weapons: Handguns

One of the most unique features about Modern Warfare 2 is the variety of choices that are available to each player.  Included in these choices is the secondary weapons selection. In MW2 players have the option of choosing Machine Pistols, Shotguns, Launchers, the One Man Army Perk, and last but not least, the Hanguns. Now I must admit, up until a little while ago I was sure that the Hanguns were the most useless option. However, if used properly the common Handgun can prove rather useful.

The Handguns offered to players are the USP .45, .44 Magnum, M9, and the Desert Eagle; all of which can be FMJ’ed, Akimbo’ed, and Tac Knifed (the Silencer and Extended Mags are exclusive to the USP and M9). Surprisingly, the Handguns are one of the rare weapons that can actually benefit greatly from the Stopping Power Perk. If this isn’t reason enough to use the Hanguns, they each come with an ability that is unique only to them. In term of swapping from Primary to Secondary weapons, the Handguns are able to perform this maneuver the fastest. This can often prove detrimental in the heat of battle once a primary weapon’s magazine is empty. In addition to this, the attachments that are probably the most useful on Hanguns in my opinion are the Tactical Knife, and dare I say it… Akimbo.

Below is a montage of my favorite Handgun, the USP. 45:


Full Metal Joke: FMJ

One of the coolest new features about Modern Warfare 2 is the wide variety of weapon attachments that are available to players. One of the newer weapon attachments to the series is the Full Metal Jacket, or FMJ for short, which is similar to the Deep Impact perk from the previous Modern Warfare. FMJ is probably the most often chosen weapon attachment, because like Stopping Power, many players believe that FMJ does more than it actually can. In reality, FMJ is only able to reduce the amount of damage lost per bullet when a player is shooting through some kind of material. These materials include but are not limited to walls, windows, grated floors, and even an enemy’s teammate. Let it be known that FMJ has no effect on the bullet damage done to an enemy who is out in the open. When fired, FMJ bullets usually appear with a glowing bright red tint around them, which actually looks pretty legit and is one of the better features about this attachment.

One thing that is somewhat of a nuisance about this attachment is that in order to gain the Extended Mags attachment for most of the weapons, players must get 40 bullet penetration kills, which for most players is a bit of a stretch. Overall, in my opinion FMJ is next to useless on the weapon attachment pyramid. I would only recommend using this attachment if you had no other options available or if you wanted to score the Extended Mags attachment. To close, I have killed and been killed through several different objects while playing multiplayer and in both cases the FMJ attachment was not equipped. By this I mean, the amount of penetration a bullet can have is still pretty large without FMJ, so put your weapon attachment options to better use and try not to, if at all use FMJ.

Below is a video giving a few tips on how to get 40 FMJ kills pretty fast.