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I know it’s been a while since my last Great Debate blog and apologize for that. Therefore today I decided to get back into the swings of things because I really enjoy my debate posts. For today I decided to have the Semtex Grenade face off against the classic Frag Grenade. In the first Modern Warfare, the only forms of grenade available to players were the Frag Grenade and my arch nemesis, the Noob Tube. However, in MW2 Infinity Ward has introduced the Semtex grenade, which I really do like.

The Frag Grenade as many of you may know has the ability to be “cooked” which many players find advantageous in the heat of battle. Because of this ability, Frags can be hurled into a crowded room and explode almost instantaneously as opposed to Semtex grenade which has a timed fuse and doesn’t activate until the user releases it. This can be useful because once drawn, players have the option of putting the grenade away, while Frags have to eventually be thrown once drawn. In addition to infinite holding, Semtex grenades have the ability to stick to whatever surfaces they touch. The stickable surfaces include both enemy and friendly personnel. This is perfect for times where a frag grenade would normally roll or bounce back, not that this can’t also be a useful tool.

To close, Frags can be thrown back at the user if not properly cooked. Also, even though they are electronic, Semtex Grenades are not effected by the EMP Deathstreak, but the throwing kinfe strangely is. When choosing a Frag or Semtex Grenade it pretty much depends on the user’s preference. Personally I prefer the Semtex, but I plan on trying to work the Frag Grenade into a few of my classes.


Knifing: WTF?!?!

Some of you may be aware of the posts that I have written in the past that pertain to the knifing/running class, however this post is a special kind of gripe about one of the most ambiguous tactics in Modern Warfare 2: Knifing.  As many of you know, in MW2 when it comes to close quarters combat, a lot of the time knifing the enemy is your best bet. Lately though I have found that landing a solid knife is totally unpredictable and inconsistent. From my personal experience there have been many times where I am almost making out with my target and I go to knife him, and I completely miss only to then be turned into the victim. Oh, and this has even happened while I was using the Commando Perk, which is another blog for another day.

In addition to this, there have been times when I attempt to knife an opponent who is rushing me head-on, and somehow, even though I clearly see my character in his knifing animation, he somehow has knifed me into submission. To make matters worse, when I watch the killcam, my character appears to have not even tried to knife at all. This perhaps is the result of a poor internet connection though.

And lastly can someone please explain to me why a throwing knife or lunging knife is a one hit kill every time even against players with Painkiller equipped, while an RPG to an enemy’s chest with Danger Close equipped isn’t enough to cripple a man? In short, Infinity Ward should consider fixing the knifing system even if only slightly, the time in between knives is way too much of a hassle, and even though the tactical knife helps that, I still find knifing to be somewhat of a nuisance at times.

Oh and apparently “knifing” isn’t an actual word. O_0

Full Metal Joke: FMJ

One of the coolest new features about Modern Warfare 2 is the wide variety of weapon attachments that are available to players. One of the newer weapon attachments to the series is the Full Metal Jacket, or FMJ for short, which is similar to the Deep Impact perk from the previous Modern Warfare. FMJ is probably the most often chosen weapon attachment, because like Stopping Power, many players believe that FMJ does more than it actually can. In reality, FMJ is only able to reduce the amount of damage lost per bullet when a player is shooting through some kind of material. These materials include but are not limited to walls, windows, grated floors, and even an enemy’s teammate. Let it be known that FMJ has no effect on the bullet damage done to an enemy who is out in the open. When fired, FMJ bullets usually appear with a glowing bright red tint around them, which actually looks pretty legit and is one of the better features about this attachment.

One thing that is somewhat of a nuisance about this attachment is that in order to gain the Extended Mags attachment for most of the weapons, players must get 40 bullet penetration kills, which for most players is a bit of a stretch. Overall, in my opinion FMJ is next to useless on the weapon attachment pyramid. I would only recommend using this attachment if you had no other options available or if you wanted to score the Extended Mags attachment. To close, I have killed and been killed through several different objects while playing multiplayer and in both cases the FMJ attachment was not equipped. By this I mean, the amount of penetration a bullet can have is still pretty large without FMJ, so put your weapon attachment options to better use and try not to, if at all use FMJ.

Below is a video giving a few tips on how to get 40 FMJ kills pretty fast.