It’s very well known that Modern Warfare is infamous for the massive amount of Killstreak rewards that are available to players. One of the most underrated Killstreaks is definitely the Electro-Magnetic Pulse a.k.a, the EMP. Once activated, the EMP disables all enemy electronics, rendering them useless for the duration of 60 seconds. I have to admit, at first this does not seem like that impressive of a killstreak reward, but when used properly and in the right situations, the EMP can prove devastating for the opposing team.

The EMP has the ability to disable everything that a player has on their screen like their HUD and ammo count. In addtion, the EMP temporarily destroys Red Dot and Holographic sights, ACOG and Themal Scopes, and my personal favorite, the evil that is the Heartbeat Sensor. Also, EMPs can disable enemy equipment such as Claymores and C4s, and for some reason the Throwing Knife. However, the Semtex, though electronic remains unaffected.

Probably the best thing about the EMP is that it destroys any of the airborne enemy killstreak rewards and restricts the opposing team from activating anymore. Probably the worst thing about the EMP is the fact it takes 15 consecutive kills to obtain (14 with Hardline), because of this, it is a very seldom seen Killstreak reward.