I have to admit one of my most frequently used special grenades in all of Modern Warfare 2 is without a doubt the smoke grenade. In the special grenade kingdom the smoke grenade is top dog over both flash grenades and stun grenades. For those that don’t know, once used, smoke grenades take around 2 or 3 seconds to produce a smoke big enough to prove useful for the user.

Smoke grenades do have some drawbacks sadly. First off, players are given only a single smoke grenade per respawn, however this can be remedied by using the Scavenger or One Man Army Perks ( https://blogofduty.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/the-great-debate-scavenger-vs-one-man-army/ ). In addition to this, the effect from smoke grenades can be nullified by players using thermals scopes, so it is often recommended that the Cold-Blooded Perk be used in addition to smoke grenades. The last drawback to using smoke grenades is the glitch that comes with it. When looking at fully functioning smoke through cracked glass the smoke will appear non-existent. While this is only a minor nuisance, I still consider it a downfall. The glitch can be seen in the video posted here:

As for the pros of smoke grenades, they are most effective when being used during objective based game types like Search and Destroy ( https://blogofduty.wordpress.com/2010/02/22/search-and-destroy-a-king-among-peasants/ ), Demolition, Domination, and the like. Also, as an avid user of smoke grenades, I have found that this little kitten can even prove useful in Team Deathmatch and Free-for-All.In my opinion, smoke is best used to trick an opponent into thinking you are coming from one direction, while in reality you can begin to flank the enemy (Ex: The buildings on Scrapyard) and score some pretty legit kills, and bragging rights if your fallen comrades are watching your camera. To close, in hardcore game types, players can kill enemies with a direct impact from a smoke grenade. See the video below for proof of this awesome occurrence!