I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted anything, so I figured I would return on a good note, and blog about something in Modern Warfare that has a special place in my heart, the RPG-7 rocket launcher. Now before I start, I must admit that in Modern Warfare 1 I hated any and all RPG users with a mighty passion unless it was being used to take down a chopper. However, in MW2 I have to the RPG has been severely down graded and is now a very manly weapon. The RPG is the last launcher to be unlocked and is unlocked at level 65.

Despite the fact that the RPG is near useless against all airborne killstreaks, the RPG is one of the best secondary weapons to use against enemies in the field and can be applied effectively in a variety of situations. When combined with the Danger Close Perk,  the RPG can be used to clear out rooms, that enemy teams love to occupy frequently. If Danger Close is equipped with this weapon, you will most like kill an enemy 9 out of the 10 times you use it.

The RPG-7 does have a few drawbacks though. Because the splash radius is so large, you may run the risk of damaging or even killing yourself while trying to attack the enemy. Second, the RPG is a rather heavy weapon, so carrying it while trying to sprint is not a very good idea. Lastly, the accuracy on the RPG can only be described as TERRIBLE. When trying to fire an RPG from a distance, the rocket will exit the holder and usually flies in some freaky random upward or downward trajectory. Even with all these cons, the RPG is still a rather well-rounded and exceptional weapon.

Below is a montage showing the awesomeness that is the RPG.