One of the newest features in Modern Warfare 2 is the addition of the Deathstreak Rewards, or simply put, the Deathstreaks. By definition, the Deathstreaks are rewarded to players who have died 3 or 4 times in succession without killing an opponent, and depending on if the user has the Hardline Pro Perk equipped these numbers can be reduced to 2 or 3 for their respective Deathstreak. The 4 Deathstreaks listed in my personal opinion from best to worse are as follows:

Final Stand: Final Stand is activated after 4 consecutve deaths is very similar to the Yellow Perk Last Stand (  in that once a player is killed, they are sent to the prone position, but this time they have the option to use any of the equipment that they have in their arsenal. In addition to this, if they survive, the player will stand back and continuing playing. This also has no effect on the players Killstreak status.

Painkiller: Painkiller is very similar to the evil that is the perk Juggernaut from Modern Wafare 1. Painkiller is the only Deathstreak activated by 3 consecutive deaths and divides all the given damage to the player by 3. This decrease in damage intake does not apply to an enemy’s knife, riot shield, and falling damage. Also, the effects of the Painkiller Deathstreak only last for the duration of 10 seconds.

Martyrdom: In the last Modern Warfare, Martydom was a perk that was all too used. In MW2 as a Deathstreak, has the same ability in that it dropsa live grenade when the player is killed.

Copycat: Probably my least favorte Deathstreak, Copycat allows the user to copy the class of the person who last killed them, an average Deathstreak at best.