As many online Modern Warfare 2 player can tell you, the perks are definitely an essential aspect of the game, and often mean the difference between life and death. Research has shown that the most commonly used and arguably the best perk in the Call of Duty series is Stopping Power. The Stopping Power Perk increases the amount of damage of a user’s primary and secondary weapon by 40%. At first glance, this perk may seem like a God-send, and even I have to admit that I was a firm believer that Stopping Power = Instant Win. However, after reading up on this perk, I now know better. Essentially, SP’s 40% boost only means that in order to fully cripple an enemy, the SP user only needs 1 less bullet than if they had not been using Stopping Power. Because of this, Stopping Power is a near useless perk on weapons that have a high rate of fire. In addition to this, because most players are not aware of how this perk works, it is often used on weapons that have very little to no benefit whatsoever, and have basically wasted their 2nd tier perk choice. The weapons that are guilty of this are the FAL, WA2000, UMP45, Dragunov, and the shotguns. Sadly, the pro version of the perk only increases the damage that bullets deliver to enemy vehicles like Chopper Gunners and Pave Lows. So the next time you decide to choose Stopping Power as your Red Perk… DON’T!