“Oh wait, he has a Running Class!”

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of playing Modern Warfare 2, then you have probably come across the dreaded Running Class, and have uttered these very words. The Running Class, usually combines the Perks, Marathon (Unlimited Sprinting), Lightweight (Increased Movement Speed), and Commando (Increased Knifing/Melee Distance). Sometimes this deadly trio of Perks is combined with a Handgun/ Tactical Knife for reason unbeknownst to me. Basically, once equipped, the wielder of this class simply sprints around the map knifing any opponent that he/she may come across. On paper this may not sound like a very effective strategy, but in real matches online, a person with this setup will seem to be literally teleporting all over the map.

Here’s a video of some kid teaching players how to create this abomination of a class:

Now, basic common sense dictates that in order to stop these modern day speed demons, all a person would have to do is either A. Knife the opponent using the knifing class, or B. Shoot the opponent who is sprinting at you before they can get close enough to knife you. Here in lies the problem, if the you try to counter knife the opponent, he will  almost always have the Commando perk on and will trump your knife 9 times out of 10. If for some reason he isn’t using Commando, then the fact that he is sprinting so fast will still trump your knife, even if you yourself have Commando on. Furthermore, if you happen to stumble upon a sprinter and try to shoot him, he will pretty much throw you a “nice try”, teleport around your bullets and effectively stab you to hell. The only possible solution to this class, is to quickly become a psychic mid-match and predict when and where the attack is coming from, and begin shooting before the Sprinter comes into your view. To close, there is a glitch that makes this class even more effective, but I’ll save that post for another day.

To close, check out this video of the Running Class in action: