Hello again! It is common knowledge and widely accepted that in the world of COD, ammunition is key and can sometimes be hard to come by. In Modern Warfare 2, this dilemma has found a remedy in the 2 perks. These 2 perks being the Scavenger and One Man Army perks  (OMA). Both of the mentioned perks are Tier 1 perks, and because of this, they can never be chosen at the same time. Because of this, people often argue about which perk is the better option for a class that e to run out of ammunition rather quickly. On the one hand you have Scavenger, which is one of the 1st available perks and is good simply because of its immediacy. The Scavenger perk allows the user to “Scavenge” a small blue bag off of any fallen player, friend or foe. Once the bag is picked up, the person who picks it up is given a resupply of ammo, special equipment, and any form of explosives. The Pro version of the perk gives the user more magazine rounds for their primary and secondary weapons each time they respawn. This perk is ideal on game types that feature a lot of deaths and respawns for the players involved, but on certain objective based game types, this may seem useless, and the immediacy of One Man Army is then favored by other players. On the other hand, players have the option to choose One Man Army. OMA is the last Tier 1 perk to be unlocked, which in my opinion is one of its major drawbacks. In addition to this, One Man Army allows a player to swap their chosen class at any time during the middle of a fight, but at the cost of their secondary weapon. The user is also allowed to switch into the same OMA if they so choose. This allows a player the opportunity to resupply all of their gear on command when they run out, or if they feel the need to have an extra claymore, C4, etc. This type of  “on demand” perk is what ultimately leads a person to choose OMA over Scavenger. Also, if a player were to have all 5 classes equipped with One Man Army, they could potentially create a class for any type of situation that they may come across in battle. When it comes down to it, the decision to choose One Man Army over Scavenger is solely dependent on the user as well as the game type. Personally I’ve found that both perks, when mixed and matched with other perks, weapons and equipment, both OMA and Scavenger have their uses.  Below are 2 videos illustrating both Scavenger and One Man Army.


One Man Army: