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The Afterlife: Deathstreaks

One of the newest features in Modern Warfare 2 is the addition of the Deathstreak Rewards, or simply put, the Deathstreaks. By definition, the Deathstreaks are rewarded to players who have died 3 or 4 times in succession without killing an opponent, and depending on if the user has the Hardline Pro Perk equipped these numbers can be reduced to 2 or 3 for their respective Deathstreak. The 4 Deathstreaks listed in my personal opinion from best to worse are as follows:

Final Stand: Final Stand is activated after 4 consecutve deaths is very similar to the Yellow Perk Last Stand (  in that once a player is killed, they are sent to the prone position, but this time they have the option to use any of the equipment that they have in their arsenal. In addition to this, if they survive, the player will stand back and continuing playing. This also has no effect on the players Killstreak status.

Painkiller: Painkiller is very similar to the evil that is the perk Juggernaut from Modern Wafare 1. Painkiller is the only Deathstreak activated by 3 consecutive deaths and divides all the given damage to the player by 3. This decrease in damage intake does not apply to an enemy’s knife, riot shield, and falling damage. Also, the effects of the Painkiller Deathstreak only last for the duration of 10 seconds.

Martyrdom: In the last Modern Warfare, Martydom was a perk that was all too used. In MW2 as a Deathstreak, has the same ability in that it dropsa live grenade when the player is killed.

Copycat: Probably my least favorte Deathstreak, Copycat allows the user to copy the class of the person who last killed them, an average Deathstreak at best.


The Hardcore Game Modes

In the world of online Call of Duty, there is often the need for players to have a place to play this game that does not include annoying little children, Heartbeat Sensors, Dual Shotguns, Noob Tubes, etc. Luckily, the fine people at Infinity Ward always manage to provide players with the Hardcore game mode. When compared to the Core game modes, the difference in the Hardcore modes are  follows:

Limited HUD: The only displays on the players’ screen are the kill ticker in the lower left corner, messaging when a player gets a kill or is killed, and the map in the upper left (only when the player’s team has an active UAV recon). There are no indicators for how much ammo the player has left in their weapon, no messages saying when the player can pick up a weapon left on the ground, nor indicators of scored points (i.e. the +10 that appears when the player scores a kill), and also no compass, team score indicator or voice chat icon saying who on your team is speaking (though these can still be viewed by hitting the Back/Select button). When the player is killed, no killcam is shown.

In addition to this, the HC game modes includes Ricochet rules, which cause the player’s bullet to fire back a them if they happen to shoot a teammate. This alone, decreases the usage of Duelies. Secondly, the time between re-spawning is increased to about 15 seconds, which causes players to be have a certain level of caution while playing instead of just “running and gunning”. Lastly, and probably my favorite thing about HC is the increased bullet damage that puts the common Handgun and Akimbo shotguns on the same tier of weapons. This increased in bullet damage, also eliminates the need for perks like Stopping Power, and sadly, Danger Close, even the Silencer barely has a place in the Hardcore game modes.

Too often I feel as though my posts are dedicated solely to the weapons, attachments, and perks of Modern Warfare 2. In order to change this trend, I’ve decided to write about one of the few unsung heroes in MW2: The Search and Destroy game type. hands-down this is probably my favorite game type of all and rightfully so. Search and Destroy (both Core and Hardcore) is a game type unlike any other in series. To start the rules of the game are as follow:

  • 1 life per round
  • 2.5 minute time limit per round
  • 5 second arm time for bomb
  • 45 second fuse
  • 5 second defuse time
  • First team to win 4 rounds wins the match

In order to successfully win a round, players on the defending team have to defend their bases from the opposing teams bomb planter for the duration of 2.5 minutes. While on the attacking team, players must successfully plant their bomb at 1 of the opposing teams 2 bomb sites before the 2.5 minutes have passed. However, this is not the only way to ensure your teams victory for a round. If one team manages to kill every member of the opposing team, they will win that round. This is because in SnD, everyone is only given ONE life per round, which makes all of the players involved about thrice as cautious as they would be if they were playing a less-manly game type (Ground War for example). In addition to this, the amount of XP gained per kill in Search and Destroy is astronomical. It’s definitely safe to say that SnD is a man’s game type and is in a League of its own in the game type world. The best thing about Search and Destroy?? There’s rarely, if ever, a bunch of prepubescent tweens playing this game type and trying to sully its good name.

As many online Modern Warfare 2 player can tell you, the perks are definitely an essential aspect of the game, and often mean the difference between life and death. Research has shown that the most commonly used and arguably the best perk in the Call of Duty series is Stopping Power. The Stopping Power Perk increases the amount of damage of a user’s primary and secondary weapon by 40%. At first glance, this perk may seem like a God-send, and even I have to admit that I was a firm believer that Stopping Power = Instant Win. However, after reading up on this perk, I now know better. Essentially, SP’s 40% boost only means that in order to fully cripple an enemy, the SP user only needs 1 less bullet than if they had not been using Stopping Power. Because of this, Stopping Power is a near useless perk on weapons that have a high rate of fire. In addition to this, because most players are not aware of how this perk works, it is often used on weapons that have very little to no benefit whatsoever, and have basically wasted their 2nd tier perk choice. The weapons that are guilty of this are the FAL, WA2000, UMP45, Dragunov, and the shotguns. Sadly, the pro version of the perk only increases the damage that bullets deliver to enemy vehicles like Chopper Gunners and Pave Lows. So the next time you decide to choose Stopping Power as your Red Perk… DON’T!

Dualies Boy, Dualies!!!

For this post, I decided to gripe about something that is probably the equivalent of Hell on Earth In Modern Warfare 2, the Model 1887 Shotgun a.k.a Dualies. First off, I’m pretty sure the name of this game is Modern Warfare 2, can someone please explain to me why this game features a weapon that clearly originates from the 18oos? Well Yeah. As if this is not bad enough, some moron at Infinity Ware thought it would be a good idea to allow this monstrosity of a weapon to be Akimbo-ed, or dual wielded. I swear, this is where the Models really take a turn for the worst. Once wielded, the user of Dualies can kill anything just by pointing the weapons at an enemy, sometimes pulling the trigger is necessary, but this is a rarity. Even after supposedly being patched, the Dualies are still ridiculously powerful since most of the slumdogs that use these weapons will simply put on Bling with Akimbo, FMJ, and oh wait, Stopping Power too, just in case. Not only do the Dualies wield God-Like power, they are also abnormally accurate, unnecessarily mobile, have incredible range, and reload so fast that they would put Sleight of Hand to shame. Probably the most annoying thing about Dualies is the really stupid sprint that comes along with their usage, I’m sure these old timey weapons are light and what not, but to be able to full on sprint is just plain stupid. At least I can take comfort in the fact that this idiotic sprint makes the player look as though he/she is frequently anally violated.