Hello World, for my first post I figured I would write about what I hate the most in the Call of Duty series. The Noob Tube! Nothing in this game requires less skill except for maybe the duel Shotguns, however, I believe that they are a close second on my list of annoyances in COD4: MW2. For starters this weapon has a ridiculous amount of both range and power and is way to easy to be picked up and used effectively. Combine a weapon like this with perks like Scavenger or One Man army, which prett much gurantees UNLIMITED grenades and you have a recipe for disaster. In addition to this, adding a perk like Danger Close will pretty much triple the amount of damage that the Noob tube dishes out. With a combo like Danger Close and Scavenger/One Man Army, you can pretty much gurantee that every roud you play will lead to a positive kill – death ratio. And the better your kill – death ratio, the higher your killstreak rewards, which as everyone knows, in COD4: MW2 the killstreak reward is king. I often wonder what the person who uses the noob tube thinks of themselves, probably very little. Until next time, happy gaming, and awful toobing!!